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Canon unveils revolutionary<br class="br_visual" /> large sensor <br class="br_visual" />PowerShot G1 X compact

Canon unveils revolutionary
large sensor
PowerShot G1 X compact

January 2012

Canon has unveiled its most advanced PowerShot compact camera ever – the revolutionary 14.3 Megapixel PowerShot G1 X – that incorporates a large Canon CMOS sensor, a DIGIC 5 processor and an exceptional 4x zoom lens to offer DSLR levels of control and image quality in a compact metal body.

Designed for professional and serious photographers the PowerShot G1 X is the new flagship model in Canon’s legendary G-series line-up that, due to its superb specification and image quality, stands in a category of its own and redefines the performance achievable from a compact camera.

A top quality camera in its own right, or the perfect ‘second camera’ complement to a professional DSLR, the PowerShot G1 X combines EOS sensor technology with DIGIC 5 processing power, a new, precision Canon lens and extensive manual control to create the finest compact camera Canon has ever produced.

Designed to be a highly portable camera the PowerShot G1 X’s precision Canon 28-112mm 4x zoom lens retracts into a robust metal body, providing an unimposing camera that delivers high quality images and can be used discreetly in any shooting situation.

Professional levels of image quality

Incorporating many of the Canon imaging technologies that are already trusted by professionals worldwide, the PowerShot G1 X offers a level of image quality previously only possible with Canon DSLR cameras. It’s the first Canon compact camera to feature a large, 4:3 aspect, 14.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor that measures 18.7x14mm – it is similar in height to the sensors used within APS-C format Canon EOS DSLRs. Featuring the same pixel size and structure as the EOS 600D sensor, and a surface area approximately 6.3 times larger than the sensor in the acclaimed PowerShot G12 compact, it provides DSLR image quality in a body that’s small enough to carry anywhere.

The CMOS sensor in the PowerShot G1 X is approximately 6.3 times larger than the sensor in the PowerShot G12. This large, high-resolution sensor produces DSLR-like image quality at up to ISO 12,800.

The larger sensor size also allows photographers to shoot with greater control over depth-of-field, with an increased potential to creatively and artistically isolate a subject from its background. Improved dynamic range allows photographers to capture shadow and highlights within the same frame, while the 14.3 Megapixel resolution allows for the output of large-sized prints, or permits images to be cropped for more powerful compositions.

The PowerShot G1 X also has a range of additional benefits that result from incorporating the advanced CMOS sensor technology originally developed within Canon’s EOS DSLR range. On-chip noise reduction ensures that images are clear, even at high ISO speeds, while 4-channel readout provides high speed image capture to ensure fast, responsive performance in all conditions.

Combining the large sensor with the latest DIGIC 5 image processor, the PowerShot G1 X’s HS System sets new standards for low light performance with a maximum full-resolution ISO range of 100 to 12,800; a level never seen before in a Canon compact. Photographers can shoot using the ambient light, even in the darkest of conditions, to capture natural shots with incredible detail and low noise – providing a powerful basis for low light photography.

Precision lens technology

Developed using the same design, manufacturing and quality processes as Canon’s world-renowned EF range of interchangeable lenses, the PowerShot G1 X’s zoom lens is built to achieve professional levels of image quality. Utilising Ultra high refractive index Aspherical (UA) elements and precision glass moulding technology, the lens achieves both a compact size and pin-sharp clarity for the most discerning of photographers.

The lens retracts into the camera body while offering a flexible 4x optical range of 28-112mm, giving photographers the option to use the zoom creatively to change the framing and perspective of their shots. A 6-blade iris also combines with the large-sized sensor to produce beautiful background blur.

To help to ensure optimum image and Full HD movie clarity the lens features a 4-stop optical Image Stabilizer (IS) that allows photographers to shoot in darker conditions and use shutter speeds up to four stops slower than would be possible without IS. The optical Image Stabilizer is supported by Intelligent IS, which analyses the focal length, focal distance and type of camera movement and applies the most appropriate Image Stabilizer mode (from seven possible settings). For example, when a panning motion is detected, ‘Panning IS’ is activated and stabilises in only one direction for more artistic capture of movement across the frame.

Hybrid IS technology is also included in the lens to capture macro subjects without the blur associated with shift camera shake – this is the same Hybrid IS technology that was developed for Canon’s EF lens range and first featured in Canon’s EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens.

The lens also includes a built-in 3-stop Neutral Density (ND) Filter, permitting the use of wider apertures in bright light to achieve a shallower depth-of-field, or to use slower shutter speeds to intentionally blur motion. For a large depth-of-field it is possible to use apertures as small as f/16.

The top of the PowerShot G1 X compact features a number of controls, including an exposure compensation dial (for +/-3 stops in 1/3-stop increments), a shooting mode dial, and a manual control for the camera’s pop-up flash unit.

Extensive control

Following on from the control historically offered by the PowerShot G-series, the PowerShot G1 X offers Full Manual Control with shooting mode and exposure compensation dials for quick and intuitive access to a range of settings. The Front Dial provides swift access to shooting settings such as aperture, shutter speed, zoom and white balance. A custom setting within the user interface also allows photographers to select whether to use the Front Dial or the PowerShot G1 X’s rear Multi-Control Dial as the main way to control the camera.

For maximum control over the final image, the PowerShot G1 X fits seamlessly into the EOS photographer’s workflow, supporting 14-bit RAW capture for smooth gradations and natural colours which can be fine-tuned using the supplied Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software. Copyright information can also be added to each image shot on the camera.

The G1 X can capture split-second action at 4.5 frames per second (fps) in a six-frame, full resolution, burst using its High-speed Burst HQ mode. Alternatively, users can shoot continuously at 1.9fps right up to the card capacity in JPEG format – ensuring longer action sequences are captured.

The camera has a shutter speed range of 60-1/4000sec for creative shooting, ranging from long exposures to capture movement in scenes, such as flowing water in a waterfall, to rapid exposures to freeze sports action.

High quality, Full HD movies

The PowerShot G1 X supports instant Full HD (1080p) movie capture, at 24fps, via a dedicated Movie Record button. Taking advantage of the camera’s large CMOS sensor users can experience high quality movies, even in low light conditions, with the shallow depth-of-field capabilities associated with a large sensor. Additionally, the 4x optical zoom can be used whilst filming, offering versatility, while stereo sound is also captured.

Professional handling

With its robust, stainless steel chassis, and compact design, the PowerShot G1 X offers professional-quality handling. A large 7.5cm (3.0”) vari-angle PureColor II VA LCD screen allows photographers to shoot from virtually any angle or position, to get the desired composition. The bright, high-resolution, 920k-dot LCD screen provides a sharp, detailed platform for image framing and review, while an optical viewfinder (OVF) with dioptre adjuster gives photographers the option to shoot according to their individual style. A newly integrated manual pop-up flash provides the option to add additional light to a scene and, via the camera’s hotshoe, external Canon Speedlite EX flashguns can also be used.

The back of the PowerShot G1 X compact showing the large 7.5cm (3.0”) vari-angle PureColor II VA LCD screen and controls including the dedicated Movie Record (red) button, function and menu buttons and Multi-Control Dial.

Advanced shooting modes

A range of advanced shooting modes assists photographers in capturing challenging scenes and situations. For example, when shooting in very dark conditions without a tripod, ‘Handheld Night Scene’ mode captures a high-speed sequence of shots, combining the data to produce one well-exposed image with minimal blur. A dedicated High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode captures scenes with a particularly high range of bright and dark tones, capturing multiple exposures and combining them to deliver rich detail in shadows and highlights.

Expanded potential through accessories

Ideal for EOS DSLR users, the PowerShot G1 X is compatible with a range of Canon EOS System accessories, allowing photographers to instantly expand the creative potential of the camera. Canon’s Speedlite EX flash units can be used for creative lighting, on or off-camera, whilst the MLA-DC1 Macro Ring Lite adapter allows you to use Canon’s Macro Ring Lite or Twin Lite flash units from the EOS System for even lighting when shooting macro subjects.

A specially designed waterproof case – the WP-DC44 – allows you to have full control of the PowerShot G1 X for shooting in heavy rain or for underwater shooting down to depths of 40 metres. The optional FA-DC58C lens Filter Adapter enables photographers to use a range of 58mm filters, such as a circular polariser to enhance blue skies or remove reflections.

Offering truly advanced levels of professional control, alongside unprecedented image quality, the PowerShot G1 X is the ideal camera for professional and serious photographers who demand DSLR flexibility and quality from a compact camera.

PowerShot G1 X – key features at a glance

  • Large 14.3 Megapixel Canon CMOS sensor (18.7x14mm) and DIGIC 5-based HS System for exceptional shots up to ISO 12,800
  • Precision Canon 28mm wide-angle, 4x optical zoom lens with 4-stop Intelligent IS
  • Versatile 7.5 cm (3.0”) vari-angle PureColor II VA LCD (920k) screen; optical viewfinder
  • Full Manual Control, 14-bit RAW and DPP software
  • Full HD movies (1080p) with stereo sound, record button and HDMI
  • 4.5 fps High-speed Burst HQ mode
  • Smart Auto with Multi-area White Balance
  • HDR mode, built-in ND filter
  • Extensive accessories, including Canon Speedlites and Lens Filter Adapter
  • Optional 40m waterproof case