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The XA10 represents a departure for Canon professional camcorders. The most compact pro model yet, it slots in beneath the XF100- and XF300-series, whilst still including many advanced features. It's the first to record Full HD using the ultra-efficient AVCHD format, storing footage on built-in memory and standard SDHC or SDXC cards. Sharing the same HD CMOS Pro sensor found in the XF-series, for outstanding performance, the XA10 brings professional-grade video quality and features into an ultra-versatile format; perfect for a huge variety of applications.

Who it is for?

The XA10's small size and professional features make it suitable for a wide range of video-making tasks. Measuring around half the overall size of the XF100-series, and weighing in at just 820g (including battery), this tiny camcorder is ideal for advanced amateurs, as a secondary unit for professionals, or for specific applications where a small size can be beneficial.

The sub-1kg weight makes the XA10 exemplary for vehicle mounting, or where extended periods of handheld usage will be required. This could be an ideal model for live location news gathering, single-person operations, or following wildlife, amongst many other applications. The short 60cm minimum object distance is well suited to close camerawork - for example, video diaries - while an infrared mode allows shooting in complete darkness.

Despite this small size, the XA10 provides an ideal solution for all kinds of users. Inexperienced operators can choose completely automatic shooting - with features like Face Detection - whilst video professionals can operate the camcorder in full manual mode for total control of the image. XLR inputs will keep audiophiles happy, whilst an imaging system inherited from the XF100-series ensures outstanding Full HD video quality in all kinds of situations.

Video is captured as industry-standard AVCHD, which is almost universally compatible with both professional and consumer-grade editing software. This efficient compression system maximises quality whilst keeping file sizes manageable. The XA10 uses solid state recording with a hefty 64GB allocation of Flash memory built in, plus two SDXC-compatible slots, so it can shoot for many hours without the need to change media.

The XA10 combines a supremely compact body with professional video performance and flexible features for shooting situations where other camcorders would be too large and heavy.

Key features

  • 10x Canon HD Video Lens, f/1.8 max., 30.4mm wideangle (35mm equivalent)
  • 2.07Mpixel 1/3 type Canon HD CMOS Pro sensor
  • Professional audio control, including two XLR inputs
  • AVCHD Full HD recording at up to 24Mbps
  • 64GB of memory, plus two SDXC slots for extended or simultaneous recording
  • User-activated Infrared mode for night shoots
  • Full manual control mode
  • Optical Image Stabilizer – Standard, Powered or Dynamic modes
  • 8.8cm, 920,000-dot touch-screen LCD panel; 260,000 dot EVF, both with 100% coverage
  • Instant AF, Face Detection and lens control ring for pin-sharp focus
  • 25p frame rate option
  • DIGIC DV III image processor

Ultra-efficient codec

The XA10 harnesses the superb visual quality provided by the H.264 MPEG-4-based AVCHD format.

  1. The 24Mbits/sec maximum data rate is close to that of MPEG-2-based HDV, but AVCHD offers higher resolution and more efficient compression.
  2. The AVCHD format is now an industry standard, and is almost universally supported by professional editing software. This promises broad compatibility with production workflows.
  3. Data rates of 5, 7, 12 and 17Mbps are also available when longer recording duration is required.

Solid State recording

The tapeless recording system provided by the XA10 increases efficiency whilst keeping media costs down.

  1. The XA10's 64GB of built-in memory provides up to 24 hours of storage at the lowest data rate option, and around six hours at the top quality setting.
  2. Twin SDXC-compatible removable memory slots are available, each supporting cards up to 2TB in capacity (depending on availability and capacity of cards).
  3. Flash memory and SDXC cards are robust, impervious to shocks and vibrations, and tolerant of wide variations in temperature, so footage remains safe.
  4. For even greater data security, the XA10 can record the same footage to both SDXC memory slots simultaneously, so one can act as a backup for the other.
  5. Footage can be transferred rapidly to an editing system, at speeds considerably faster than real time. Many notebooks have SD memory card readers built in, for a seamless workflow when editing on the move.
  6. Media can be re-used many times with no loss in quality.
  7. Footage can be browsed and reviewed in-camera via thumbnail images, saving time on a shoot and also giving the option to remove clips that won't be used, to conserve storage.
  8. In-camera conversion from AVCHD to Standard Definition MPEG-2 is possible, for easier distribution or sharing. For example, the smaller size of SD files makes them easier to upload to the internet.

Canon lens technology

Despite its compact proportions, the XA10 offers a high quality 10x Canon HD Video Lens.

  1. 30.4mm wideangle (35mm equivalent) and 10x optical zoom provide the best of both worlds, for a broad selection of shooting scenarios.
  2. The minimum object distance is just 60mm, for clear shooting in extreme close proximity.
  3. Minimum aperture is between f/1.8 and f/2.8, depending on zoom factor, for creative depth-of-field options and low light performance.
  4. The single lens ring provides precise control over focus.
  5. The Custom Dial can be configured to adjust shutter speed, iris and gain, or these functions can be controlled via the touch-screen LCD.
  6. Three Image Stabilization (IS) modes are available. Alongside the Standard mode, the Dynamic mode smoothes the frequency of vibration normally associated with shooting when walking, and the Powered mode is optimised for handheld work at extreme telephoto factors, giving options for every zoom factor.
  7. The metal eight-bladed aperture provides more attractive, circular 'bokeh' (blurring in out-of-focus areas), and has a built-in, automatic graduated ND filter.

Outstanding imaging performance

Like its larger siblings, the XF100 and XF105, the XA10 sports a 1/3 type HD CMOS Pro sensor that's derived from the three CMOS system used in Canon's XF300 and XF305 camcorders.

  1. The HD CMOS Pro sensor has a native Full HD effective resolution, providing the maximum possible light-gathering area and ensuring that no re-size processing is required between capture and recording.
  2. The large individual sensor pixels combine with the DIGIC DV III processor to provide greater sensitivity and a wide dynamic range, ensuring detail is retained in dark areas and overexposure is reduced.
  3. CMOS sensors use less power than CCDs, increasing battery life and reducing the number of batteries required on a shoot.
  4. The high-speed data readout developed by Canon reduces the skew effects caused by the CMOS rolling shutter, for realistic reproduction of moving subjects.
  5. CMOS sensors don't suffer from the 'smear' that CCDs experience with bright points of light.

Creative possibilities

The XA10 provides a range of customisation and shooting options for different scenarios.

  1. Infrared mode allows shooting in complete darkness. Advanced lens coatings provide a bright, uniform image that can be recorded in either green or white, depending on the style required.
  2. 50i and 25p frame rates are available.
  3. Cinema-Look filters can be added to footage during recording. Colour Depth, Contrast, Soft Filter and Key can all be varied independently to create a custom Cinema-Look in addition to the preset options.
  4. Auto Gain Control limit can be configured from 0 to 24dB (18dB in Cinema mode) in 1dB limits, or turned off, for natural darkness or greater sensitivity as required.
  5. The XA10 Face Detection system has two modes. Regular Face Detection prioritises people in shot to set autofocus (AF) and autoexposure (AE). If no faces are found, AF and AE will operate accordingly. In Face Only mode focus and exposure are automatically adjusted only when a face is detected (though they can still be set manually). This system provides greater creative flexibility and can be useful when shooting people against a detailed or dynamic background.
  6. Instant, Medium and Standard autofocus settings are available, for immediate re-focusing, or a more natural, gradual change.
  7. The touch-screen can also be used for touch (spot) focusing, focus tracking of moving subjects, and touch (spot) exposure.

Flexible configurations

The XA10 is packed with features that provide a huge amount of choice in shooting styles.

  1. The 3.5in LCD panel gives a very clear view of the frame, with 920,000 dots, 800:1 contrast, and 100% coverage.
  2. Alternatively, the 0.24in colour viewfinder can be used independently or simultaneously, offering 260,000 dots and 100% coverage.
  3. Two assignable buttons on the LCD edge can be configured with the most useful functions for the current shoot.
  4. All the usual on-screen aids are available, including colour peaking, zebra, and SMPTE colour bars.
  5. The handle, containing XLR audio connectivity and other features, can be detached to reduce the unit's size even further.

Professional audio

The XA10 includes a high-quality, built-in microphone as well as the ability to attach professional microphone systems via the dual XLR connections, using either the cold accessory shoe or included microphone holder.

  1. The built-in microphone has updated elements that reduce noise by as much as 6dB at medium and low frequencies.
  2. The adjustable directionality of the built-in microphone means you can choose monaural settings, regular stereo, and wide stereo, plus a zoom microphone option with 16 levels.
  3. The microphone frequency response can be switched to emphasise or attenuate low frequencies, emphasise mid frequencies, or emphasise both low and high frequencies.
  4. The auto microphone attenuator ensures optimal volume is maintained in quiet and noisy environments alike.
  5. When external microphones are required dual XLR connections are available, supplying 48V phantom power. An elevated mount and cold accessory shoe are available for attaching microphones to the camera body.
  6. A standard 3.5mm microphone input jack is also available for microphones that do not take power from the camcorder.
  7. The internal mic, XLR and 3.5mm inputs can be used in any combination across the two audio channels, for maximum flexibility.

Canon Professional Services Video

Purchasers of the XA10 can benefit from Canon Europe's CPS Video service. CPS Video membership offers priority repair service with a six-day turnaround, free loan equipment for repairs that will take longer than six days (subject to availability) and e-mail and phone support from a dedicated local representative. For more information, click here.

  • AVCHD codec

    The XA10 is Canon's first professional camcorder to use AVCHD compression. The format uses 4:2:0 colour sampling, and Canon has implemented the top 24Mbits/sec data rate offered by the standard as well as native Full HD resolution.

    The AVCHD format has been widely adopted and is supported by most editing software. Canon's implementation of AVCHD maximises quality, whilst economising on storage requirements, and keeps the options entirely open for post production.

  • 10x Canon HD Video Lens

    The XA10 shares the same HD Video Lens as the XF100 and XF105, benefiting from the knowledge and experience that were applied by Canon in the development of this advanced optical system. Offering a 30.4mm wideangle (35mm equivalent) and f/1.8 maximum aperture, this new lens includes a variety of sophisticated technologies to provide the very best image quality.

    Three lens shift groups have been included in the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) system used in the XA10, one of which has the ability to operate in 3D space. The increased precision of this configuration helps to reduce chromatic aberration and maintain resolution, even in wideangle shots.

    Advanced Canon lens coatings support the Infrared shooting mode, allowing high quality footage to be captured at night or in dark situations.

  • CMOS Sensors

    Canon develops and manufactures its own sensors for HD camcorders and has incorporated a single 1/3 type, HD CMOS Pro chip into the XA10. This sensor configuration captures native Full HD video and combines with an HD Video Lens and DIGIC DV III processor to produce low noise, high dynamic range footage with more than 900 TV lines of horizontal resolution.

    This new sensor features high-speed readout (twice the speed of some other camcorders) to minimise the ‘skew' of fast moving images caused by the rolling shutter technology employed by most CMOS sensors. Canon noise reduction technology is also incorporated to help to deliver clean, detailed pictures.

  • DIGIC DV III processor

    The DIGIC DV III processor is the latest iteration in the DIGIC DV family, replacing the DIGIC DV II chip that featured in previous generations of Canon's professional HD camcorder range. Greater processing power provides enhanced colour gradation and wide dynamic range, in addition to supporting new features such as Face Detection AF and enhanced image customisation.

Technical product specifications are currently unavailable.