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EOS 6D: a small and light full-frame DSLR delight

EOS 6D: a small and light full-frame DSLR delight

The EOS 6D DSLR is the smallest and lightest ever Canon full-frame DSLR and will be a superb addition to the kitbags of travel, portrait and landscape photographers. A full-frame 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, up to 4.5 frames per second (fps) shooting speed, and a newly developed 11-point AF system make it a superb package that has intuitive handling and is easy to carry to any location.

Who is it for?

Due to its small size, light weight (755g with battery and memory card), plus the inclusion of a full-frame CMOS sensor the EOS 6D camera is ideal for travel, portrait and landscape photographers. Thanks to the 4.5fps shooting speed, 11-point AF system, and an ISO range that goes up to 25,600 as standard, the EOS 6D is equally at home out on location for capturing landscapes and travel shots, or as a discreet portrait camera with WiFi connectivity for easy image transfer. The in-camera HDR settings will appeal to landscape and architectural photographers and the Full HD movie shooting functions offer 1080p movie making possibilities to all.


  • Full-frame 20.2 Megapixel sensor.
  • Tough, lightweight construction.
  • Maximum standard ISO 25,600 (expandable to ISO 102,400).
  • 11-point AF, sensitive down to -3EV.
  • GPS (*1) records your location.
  • WiFi (*2) file transfer and remote control.
  • Full HD video.


(*1) GPS use may be restricted in certain countries or regions. Use of GPS should comply with the laws and regulations of the country and area in which it is being operated including any restriction on the use of electronics.

(*2) WiFi support varies by device and region.


The EOS 6D features a full-frame, 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor. This sensor is designed and built by Canon and makes use of gapless microlenses, previously only seen in full-frame sensors on the EOS-1D X and EOS 5D Mark III cameras, to ensure all the light reaching the sensor is directed into the pixel wells. Working in tandem the full-frame CMOS sensor and a powerful DIGIC 5+ image processor help to deliver images that are packed with detail and clarity. Colours are reproduced accurately whilst tonal gradation is subtle and natural.


When light levels get low, the EOS 6D keeps delivering superb photography. ISO sensitivity extends from ISO 100 up to ISO 25,600 as standard (expandable to L: 50, H1: 51,200, H2: 102,400), whilst a new 11-point autofocus system deploys a new AF sensor and is responsive down to -3EV (sensitive enough to operate under moonlight conditions).


Lightweight enough to go everywhere with you and strong enough to withstand the rigors of travel photography the EOS 6D has a tough magnesium alloy body with a specially designed top plate to allow the GPS and WiFi signals to escape. Simple controls and intuitive ergonomics make the EOS 6D quick and easy to use.


Photographers can work intuitively with the EOS 6D’s bright full-frame viewfinder. A 1,040,000-dot 7.7 cm (3.0”) Clear View LCD screen on the rear of the camera makes Live View shooting of stills and Full HD video footage a pleasure.


Preserve detail in both highlights and shadows with the EOS 6D’s high dynamic range (HDR) shooting mode, and create composite images with its multiple-exposure facility. With ±5 stops of exposure compensation and ±3 stops of auto exposure bracketing the EOS 6D offers a wide range of possibilities for the fine-tuning of exposures.


With the ability to shoot at up to 4.5 frames per second, the EOS 6D is more than capable of capturing sports and action sequences. This speed is achieved despite the large quantity of data being produced by the 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and is enabled by the processing power from the DIGIC 5+ processor.


Built-in GPS determines your exact location and geo-tags each image file with the information. In GPS Logger mode a record of your route is recorded as you move around, even when the camera is switched off.


With built-in WiFi connectivity with the EOS 6D you can shoot remotely from alternative viewpoints, plus you can connect and control your EOS 6D using your PC, Mac or smartphone. Images can be transferred wirelessly and shared with family and friends.


Like all other current EOS DSLR models in the range, the EOS 6D features Full HD Movie recording with the ability to shoot 1080p resolution movies. With either auto or full manual control over both exposure and audio levels it provides both newcomers to video and professionals with a powerful tool for shooting movies.

CMOS sensor

Canon develops and manufactures its own CMOS sensors in-house. The newly developed 20.2 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor provides high-resolution and control over depth-of-field, enabling the capture of a wide range of scenes from portrait to landscapes. The sensor features an advanced CMOS architecture, similar to the performance offered by the more advanced EOS 5D Mark III, to achieve high dynamic range and low noise at high ISO settings, with low power consumption.

New photodiodes with improved transistors inside each pixel offer high sensitivity, while gapless microlenses offer superior light-gathering ability for enhanced image quality in low light. Canon’s CMOS technology integrates advanced noise reduction circuitry at each pixel site, delivering virtually noise-free images and a wide native ISO speed range of 100-25,600 (expandable from 50 to 102,400). A high-speed 14-bit signal conversion combines with Canon’s DIGIC 5+ image processor for smooth tonal gradations and natural colours. A four-channel read-out also supports high speed shooting of up to 4.5 frames per second (fps) at full resolution.

DIGIC 5+ processing

The benefits of the DIGIC 5+ processor are great. Image information is processed by Canon’s DIGIC 5+ processor, which has been designed to complement the EOS 6D’s CMOS sensor. The inclusion of a DIGIC 5+ processor enables the EOS 6D to achieve fast shooting speeds of up to 4.5fps at full resolution – capturing maximum detail, accurate colours and low noise, in all conditions.

Working in tandem with the CMOS sensor, the DIGIC 5+ processor allows photographers to shoot at high ISO speeds while achieving high image quality as standard. Multiple exposure shots for composite images are also supported, as well as in-camera High Dynamic Range (HDR) shooting for preserving both highlights and shadows in images.

11-point AF system

The EOS 6D features an 11-point AF system, which utilises a new AF sensor. The new AF sensor features an improved pixel configuration, with more lines at the centre AF point to enable accurate focusing in extreme low light situations up to -3 EV – the equivalent of shooting under moonlight.

Integrated GPS

The EOS 6D is the first EOS to feature integrated GPS, which records location data within the image file. A GPS Logger function also periodically records the camera’s GPS location over a pre-defined period, allowing photographers to view their route on a PC. The GPS can also be used for automatic accurate time setting, fetching the UTC time from the satellite to ensure the internal clock of the camera is as accurate as possible.

WiFi connectivity

The EOS 6D is the first EOS camera to feature integrated wireless connectivity. This feature allows photographers to shoot and transfer data to Canon WiFi-enabled printers, PCs, cloud-based storage and services (such as CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), smart phones and tablets (using the freely available EOS Remote Android and iOS application), or direct to a DLNA-enabled HDTV.

Using the EOS Remote app you can also control the EOS 6D over a wireless connection to change camera settings and shooting modes, adjusting the focus on the Live View screen and releasing the shutter to capture the shot or set a movie to record. Photographers can also use EOS Remote to take the images shot on the EOS 6D, view them and post them to popular social networking sites and other cloud services, empowering enthusiasts to share their favourite shots immediately.

Technical product specifications are currently unavailable.